photo a day project: day fail

By: jeremywscott

Nov 08 2010

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Focal Length:6.3mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Epic Fail on my part.

I’m so sorry to those who have been wondering what happened here. I have some reasons (*cough* excuses) as to why my posts stopped; major life changing stuff. But it was still a failure for the blog to stop cold. Hurt more given the fact I got a personal reply in the form of a voice recording from one of my photo-heroes, Brooks Jensen, not long before the blog stumbled to a halt. He even praised me for keeping up the blog when he had seen so many others attempt the same and quickly fade off.

Brooks, if you’re reading this, my most sincere apologies.

Alas, there might be a ray of hope yet! I won’t make the promise of a post a day, but I will be attempting to put some life back into this site. So, (CLEAR!!) the first image back goes up tonight. I still have to figure out the details of how to revive the project, but for now I’ll just shoot for getting to an image # 365.


One comment on “photo a day project: day fail”

  1. YEA!!!! Look forward to the return.

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